Three reasons gay rights are not civil rights.


1) Homosexual activists are actually asking for special rights based upon sexual behavior or a subjective self-identification. I am opposed to granting special rights to those who identify themselves as gay and those who participate in aberrant forms of sexual behavior because it would give preferential treatment and special rights to a group based upon sexual behavior instead of immutable qualities.  Granting special rights to those who participate in homosexual behavior gives preferential treatment (and rights) to a group based solely on sexual behavior rather than immutable qualities.  If we grant special rights and privileges to Gays and Lesbians then this creates a precedent for the same special rights and privileges to every other aberrant form of sexual behaviors as well.


2) Homosexual activists based their arguments entirely upon the false and unproven assumption of the “born gay” argument. Sexual behavior is an activity not an identity.  A person’s identity involves things that are unchanging, inherent components of one’s existence.  The homosexual activists are attempting to equate homosexual activity and behavior with immutable and unchangeable characteristics such as race, gender, and age.  I have never met a former Black American but have met former homosexuals.  There are hundreds of thousands of formally gay identified men and women who have walked away from the gay lifestyle.  Homosexuality is not a civil right because it is activity and not identity. Peter Sprigg with the Family Research Council writes: “homosexual behavior is not inborn, involuntary, immutable, or innocuous, nor is it found in the Constitution. There is no compelling, logical basis for treating it as a protected category under civil rights laws, or for granting special protection against ‘discrimination’ based on ‘sexual orientation.’”


3)  Upon granting special rights to gay and lesbian behavior, the state sacrifices freedom of religion and the definition of marriage.  If sexual expression between two people of the same gender is equated with race or nationality, then those who have a religious, moral objection with homosexual behavior and teach such would become guilty of a hate crime.  Ake Green, a pastor in Sweden, was arrested for preaching a Bible message from Romans 1 objecting to homosexual behavior.  Religious freedom can not be maintained while elevating homosexual behavior to a special class with special rights.

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