In my experience as a pastor, president of CFCA, and father of two sons, I see four reasons to choose a Christian education for your child.


First, the education assures that your child will have every opportunity to train their mind at a high level of academics.  Christian education develops some of the greatest minds in our nation.

Second, the environment is more than curriculum and classrooms.  A school’s environment is created through the mixture of philosophy, pastors, students and faculty.  Christian parents need a partner in education that creates an environment that reflects Christian values and interaction.  A school where God is honored, students are valued, and faculty excel in inspiring the students to excellence.


Third, the extracurriculars and fine arts of Christian education involve our students in more than academics.  Christian education will not treat your child as a future leader but as a as a current leader.  Sports, volunteer opportunities, fine arts, and mission experiences develop the maturity of students.


Fourth, the experience of Christian education makes it superior.  Other kids go to school, Christian education students enter an experience that will inspire, educate and equip the kids to know and serve Jesus.  The students are developed from a holistic perspective, mind and spirit

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