October 6, 2021

Six foreseeable realities of 2022

1. Fragmentation will hinder recovery for churches. Our churches need recovery in 2022 but it will not be like before. The church has endured such division since March of 2020. The causes of the divisions have surprised me. I never dreamed that some would trumpet such strong venomous words at fellow believers over masks and vaccines to save lives and …

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September 29, 2021

CRT, the SBC, and Me

Linda and I attended the SBC annual gathering in Nashville, TN in June. We experienced a gathering like none other. The meeting had tremendous build-up because of the racial concerns, presidential elections, cancellation of 2020 SBC, and the sexual abuse scandal involving the Executive Committee. We saw people running to the meetings and more than 1000 standing in the room …

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September 26, 2021


Are you struggling with worry? The virus, your kids, your job, your church, and your health may be triggering it.  I am fighting against worry. The uncertainty of the church, friends, and vaccinated family with Covid 19, and the upset nature of people tempt me. I am dealing with it.  According to Jesus, worry runs into the deep of our …

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April 24, 2019

Ministry essentials: a calf, a heifer, and a donkey

After twenty-two years of formal education, including a Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy from seminary, and more than 20 years of pastoral experience, I have discovered three unknown things that I needed from the start: a calf, a donkey, and a heifer.  Three beautiful stories in the Bible and many experiences taught me this reality.  You may need …

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June 27, 2018


To my fellow church leaders: In 1979, my parents were driving to dinner on a two-lane road near Easley, SC. A drunk driver traveling 90 miles mph dropped the right front tire off the road and overcorrected the wheel. He jerked the steering wheel in an effort to realign the truck and struck them head-on in a collision that would …

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June 1, 2018

Perspective: Understanding the upcoming 2018 Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention only exists two days a year – when we convene.  The Convention is not a denomination but a convening of churches who have the same basic set of beliefs (Baptist) and have chosen to work together to do missions and ministries by creating, governing, and funding agencies.  More than 45,000 churches and 15 million people participate …

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August 19, 2017

My thoughts about Charlottesville and Kissimmee

Charlottesville, VA   There are moments in life when a nation views the grotesque depth of the sinfulness and darkness of the human soul.  When these moments come, you never recover from the terror of it.  The effects of what you have seen stay with you.  White supremacy, bigotry, and violent hatred erupted and played out yet again on national …

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January 5, 2017

Three steps to make this year your best

God started a work in your life and will perform that work until the day of Jesus Christ.  He is moving you to maturity, positioning you for perfection, and sustaining you for sanctification.  To live this year will mean embracing grace and growth.  Simply said, God is not finished with you yet.  God intends to move you towards the best …

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October 27, 2016

Where was God when Flight 17 was shot down?

July 17, 2014 Malaysian Airlines flight 17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew members was shot down by a surface to air missile fired from Ukrainian separatists.  Just moments after the plane was downed, Igor Girkin, leader of the Dunbass separatists posted on their social media site that they had downed the aircraft.  After the …

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October 19, 2016

Domestic Abuse

I often witness the tears of my people as they tell of their domestic abuse experience.  It is so sad and overwhelming.  Therefore, I asked Chris Crowe to be a guest blogger for me this week to discuss it.  Read this and you will be better equipped to face it with a friend or in your own home. Domestic Abuse: …

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