Self Publishing

Clayton Cloer Publishing facts you should know.


1 – Keep 100% of your rights

The intellectual property and copyright of your book are very valuable. You should always retain all your rights. The very first sentence of our contract states: “Author retains 100% of the rights and copyright licenses to the manuscript and all other materials submitted”.

2 – Keep 100% of your royalties

Make more money by setting your own pricing! Only with Clayton Cloer Publishing can you set your own retail price, author discount, and Price Plan. You receive 100% of your author royalties. The higher you set your retail price, the higher your profit. And guess what? You set your wholesale price, too. You are in complete control!

3 – Publishing imprint and ISBN flexibility

Do you want the ultimate in self-publishing flexibility? Our packages all include unique ISBNs, which are required for wholesale and retail sales. However, if you prefer to submit your own ISBN and publish under your own publishing imprint, our packages offer options to accommodate those needs, too. In either case, you keep 100% of the rights to your work.

4 – High-quality book design

Imagine a full-service self-publisher where quality book design is included. Your dreams are a reality at Clayton Cloer Publishing. Depending on the type of book you are publishing, our designers will format the interior according to industry best practices for a high-quality presentation that keeps your book from screaming “self-published!”

And the covers? Wow! They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If so, our amazing custom covers are a book unto themselves.

5 – Complete print-run flexibility (100 to 1000s)

With unlimited wholesale availability, printing, and fulfillment, we will handle all orders directly that come from the customer. When we receive a wholesale, we will print the book, send it to the customer door step. You never have to order any books unless you want to. Of course, if you want to order books, you always receive your below-wholesale price in quantities of just 500 or more. And if you buy more, you save more.

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